Hydrants, Thermal Tubes, Optional Heaters & Misc

Ritchie yard hydrants, thermal tubes, heaters and misc

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Anchor Bolt Specs (SKU: Anchor Bolt Specs)Anchor bolt package specs and prices for mounting Ritchie waterers and fountains to cement slabs.
Cable Heater (SKU: RIT16276)Ritchie self regulating heat cables have built in thermostats. Can be used on supply lines and valves in poly tanks.
Electrical Components Illustrated (SKU: Electrical Components Illustrated)Part numbers, prices and specifications for electrical components used in Ritchie waterers and fountains.
Fittings (SKU: Fittings)Hose fitting part numbers and specifications.
Hose & Hose Insulation (SKU: Hose and Hose Insulation)Supply Hose & Hose Insulation.
Installation instructions for new style element heater (SKU: Installation instructions for new style element heater)
Installation Instructions for Ritchie Automatic Gas Heater (SKU: Installation Instructions for Ritchie Automatic Gas Heater)Installation Instructions for Ritchie Automatic Gas Heater
Instructions-120volt Heat Cable (SKU: Instructions-120volt Heat Cable)Instructions-120volt Heat Cable
Instructions-240V Heat Cable (SKU: Instructions-240volt Heat Cable)Instructions-240V Heat Cable
Jet Flow Tank Valve (SKU: RIT12500)Ritchie Jet Flow Tank Valve.
Jet-Flow Tank Valve Parts (SKU: Jet-Flow Tank Valve Parts)Parts for Ritchie Jet-flow Tank Valve for smaller stock tanks.
Latch assembly & Tool (SKU: Latch Assembly Tool)Latch assembly and tool for Ritchie waterers.
Ritchie Gas Burner (SKU: RIT15424)Ritchie Gas Burner
Ritchie Gas Burner Parts (SKU: Ritchie Gas Burner Parts)Parts for Ritchie Gas Burner.
Ritchie Hydrant Parts (SKU: Ritchie Hydrant Parts)Parts for Ritchie Yard Hydrants.
Ritchie Stock Tank Valve (SKU: RIT18141)Ritchie Stock Tank Valve.
Ritchie Stock Tank Valve Parts & Install Instructions (SKU: Ritchie Stock Tank Valve Parts Install Instructions)Ritchie stock tank valve parts breakdown and installation instructions.
Supply Hose Assemblies (SKU: Supply Hose Assemblies)Ritchie supply hose assemblies for waterers and fountains.
Thermal Tubes (SKU: Thermal Tubes)Ritchie thermal tubes to permanently protect vertical supply lines from freezing.
Trouble Shooting Guide for Frost Free Hydrants (SKU: Trouble Shooting Guide For Frost Free Hydrants)Trouble Shooting for Frost Free Hydrants
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